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The remedies were basically my last hope to help me and my siblings from our life changing heartbreak and traumas we were all in. from the first use we all felt and energy shift and since then the vibrations have been so different. at the beginning you do feel everything negative coming to the surface but we felt we were built for this. the energy is indescribable. my life has changed within weeks and i’m ordering from you every other week. my brother who was very depressed and suicidal is now out and about and meeting new people. this is something that isn’t even a norm for my family after the tragic loss we had. looking forward to trying Lakshimi. immortality remedy is really a life changer. wish my vibration right now could be put into words but sometimes a feeling is just that. Totally life changing for our whole family. 



The first time I met Fiona I had recently lost my mum and was looking for some reassurance. To begin with my granddad came through and I was starting to lose hope but suddenly a woman came through telling Fiona she’d died of breast cancer and I knew it was my mum. From there the information started coming through thick and fast and it gave me tremendous comfort and guidance for how to direct my future. After that I saw Fiona a few more times and would always take notes. Just a few weeks ago (years later) I was moving having divorced my ex husband and met a new partner and I discovered my old note book. There I read the notes from my last reading and I was astounding at the accuracy! She had described my new life and new partner down to a t!!!! I read the notes to my new partner and we were both blown away! She had predicted my partners looks, profession and where we would be living which all seemed unfathomable when she first told me but had all turned out to be true. I’d highly recommend a reading with Fiona. She has a real gift’.

Thank you, Emily 

Spiritual Retreat July 2017 - Nepal 

I am so grateful to have spent this week with Fiona who works tirelessly to bring together an exceptional and affirming experience to everyone visiting Nepal. The retreat came together in such a synchronous and harmonious way, that it left all of us feeling connected and as if we had known each other forever. The Himalaya's vibes and outstanding energy made me find a little piece of myself that I didn't know I was searching for, and I returned home with a renewed sense of motivation to take on life's challenges with grace and patience. I Simply loved Nepal. It was the perfect balance of carefree fun, relaxing in the backyard garden, the deep healing sessions, the singing bowl therapy, the early morning yoga, the massages, the shopping, the yummy momo's,  all of it that I truly miss. And the stunning Nargakot with spectacular mountain views was simply out of this world, the friendly locals, the deep conversations and the personal growth that made me see that bringing together like minded people creates an empowering sense of connection and fun, and inspires profound transformation and healing. Can't wait to go back.

Seema x

Fiona Day once again saved my cats.

For 4 years, I have always enjoyed Fiona Day's accurate personal reading.. events that she predicted actually enfolds themselves, house move, career change, love life and money matters... but the best reading was to locate my lost cats. Both on different occasion 6 months apart. 2nd time two cats went missing. Only Fiona could understand how much my cats meant to me.I was in Singapore and discovered that my cats were carelessly lost. I sent out a search party but was unsuccessful for weeks In a desperate attempt, I sought Fiona Day's help and with her abilities, she informed me that the cats were kept in a villa with an unkempt pool, true enough one cat was found in that villa few days later. My 2nd cat was still missing a week later and Fiona Day had kindly driven down to the area and have a walk around to 'sense out' Chewy. Fiona sensed that there is a cat in Villa no. 28 but nobody was home and the gates and doors were tight shut with no gaps to look through. Fiona told me not to worry and did her calculation and advised me that Chewy will be found on the 24th Dec. Today on 24th at 9:38 PM Chewy was found at that Villa no. 28 I was in tears of joy. This was the best Christmas gift. Chewy is in a bad state and Im so grateful to have found her now and not later in a worse state. For weeks Iv'e sent out search parties who has combed the area over and over again but it was Fiona Day who helped given me the exact location where my cats China and Chewy were.My cats are like my children, they were born at home and sleep in my bed everyday since. To lose them is to lose a limb. If anyone is in need to look for a missing person or animal please please don't lose more time and please seek Fiona Day and I also highly recommend her for personal readings.

Happy Xmas and God Bless.

I have had the pleasure of seeing Fiona over 4 years. Fiona has helped me in many aspects of my life in a way I never could have imagined. The first time I sat with Fiona, I broke down in tears. I couldn't believe her accuracy and what she understood about me. It was somewhat confronting to me as I am so self confident and it really effected me, but in a positive way. It was the start of her guiding me to having a better life by being a happier person. Her guidance and positivity has had a huge impact on me emotionally, with my personal growth and my professional life. Fiona does not just tell you what you want to hear, but when you hear something that is not what you want, she explains the lesson and reasoning behind it, which helps you to grow, to learn and to understood yourself, your decisions and your life in a better way.I am a logical, realistic, straightforward person, so earlier in life, never believed in this type of work. I can honestly say now, because of Fiona, my life is better from every angle. If you need any type of guidance,self improvement or you are looking for any type of answer in your life, I highly recommend Fiona. She is not just an amazing professional and very good at her work, but an approachable, genuine person.

Aisha x

Before I relate anything about Fiona, I feel it necessary to say a few words about myself to put matters in perspective. With my educational background (engineering, business management) and professional experience (techno-commercial), all my life I had believed in hard core rationale, scientific evidence and the like, as the basis of everything that worked. Like most others of my ilk I modeled my life’s graph on such tenets. Till I got hit like never before, by the loss of my beloved wife. This was one challenge I just did not know how to face. A multitude of questions started plaguing my mind, about life, after life (was there one?), my wife (had I lost her forever, was death a state of nothingness, ‘the end’?). It was at this point of intense emotional agony that Fiona came into my life. What a blessing that was! That she connected me with my dear departed, with such accurate validations, time and again, was but one wondrous aspect of knowing her. With Fiona’s help, I started uncovering the truths of life and discovering traits within me that I did not even know existed. In my limited capacity, I cannot find words enough to fully describe Fiona’s persona, but I will simply say this - she is a true medium, a healer, and on a spiritual journey that I am fortunate to be a co-traveler on.


Fiona, I wanted to let you know that everything you said would happen, happened. It's amazing that you said these things 2 years ago andeverything is unfolding now. Amazing!You had said that you saw a surprise pregnancy, a boy around my energy, you had seen a grand Canyon, you had seen the number 4. Well now I'm expecting a baby boy, recently engaged in front of a huge canyon, and I got engaged on 4/4.I just wanted to share how amazing You were so accurate! Thank you,

Miss Singh

It wasn't my idea to go see Fiona. I didn't believe in mediums nor psychics. But I was very near suicidal after losing my gorgeous husband when our baby was just 2 months old. Two weeks after his accident, my close friend (and a regular at Fiona) booked me an 'emergency' appointment and urged me to go. With the thought that I had nothing left to lose, I drove to her house with tears streaming down my face. Within minutes of sitting down to begin the reading she had given me personal messages from my hubby and I eventually walked away (still sobbing) with 6 pages of notes which blew my mind. Fiona has been instrumental in my ultimate survival through this tragedy. Not only did she change my life with just one reading by giving me all the evidence I needed to become a believer, her Intuition classes and recommended reading material has helped me pierce the veil and realize that we are more than just bodies. She's given me purpose, love, faith and hope. As I write this, the warm presence of my husband comes near and I whisper to myself "thank God for Fiona".


Fiona you have been my spiritual guide in many ways as the transition I have felt within after meeting you, is immense. There is a massive change in me on a spiritual level. You helped me find answers that lingered on within me forever. You helped me find peace.

Fiona is undoubtedly gifted with mind boggling intuitive insight but what makes it even more special is that she has a heart of a gold, it is her nature to come forward and help you on a personal level.If you see her once (and you must) you will keep going back for more.Thank you Fiona for making me know myself better and reaffirming my self-belief. I can not thank you enough. May the force be with you. xxx


Absolutely mind blowing not only from a point of view of feedback but the positivity / energy and feeling with a session is something that is a rarity . its the energy and happy state of mind that brings you back again and again to Fiona - and one does tend to forget what is in store in future for the time spent during the session as there is pure happiness and clarity of thinking that comes into you after a discussion

In terms of the vision - divine to say the least and on a personal note - after 3 sessions - every bit of what has been mentioned has come true something that I had never even envisaged could happen . infact still pinching myself - is it true what is happening

And clearly a messenger from the super powers above all of us - and May Fiona continue the good work in time to come as there is a lot in this world to heal !


HI Fiona, was lovely seeing you again. As insane as this may sound to someone who has never met you , your sessions bring unexplainable peace to my mind and heart. I was completely taken aback the first time I met you as you knew things that there was really no way for you to know. The emotions during your sessions run high. From tears to smiles from rapid heart beats to outmost relief, its a corner everyone should visit within themselves with you by their side. Lets not be fouled this isn't a session of card readings and calculated guesses ; it is a view into the unknown that only the ones who have seen you can truly understand. I have goose bumps just writing this letter as it takes me right back into the room with you experiencing it all over again. I enjoy rereading my notes after your session as I often see so much more in every read. Thanks again for being YOU!!! Looking forward to seeing you in the near future. Big hugs. xxx

Fiona, thank you so much for everything, your help and guidance over the last year and a half has been invaluable and I will always be grateful to you for that. You truly are amazing and never cease to shock me with your accurate readings.

I hope you and the family are well


“I have seen Fiona a few times now, and each time she manages to blow me away with what she knows about my past and people in my life. The moment you walk into the room with Fiona you feel as though you have made a new best friend, she just has a wonderful aura about her. Many times she has mentioned things that don’t make sense to me at the time, but as I look back on the notes I have made, many of these have come true. I have recommended many of my friends to see Fiona and they also are amazed by her abilities. She is truly blessed with an amazing talent!

Jo M

I'm not sure where to begin after my experience with Fiona. Not only was she able to to see past, present and future, She is extremely well versed in all things spiritual and soulful. I sat mesmerized at the details of her description and accuracy of events. If you have ever wondered about what your life means, why you are on this earth plane, or what's your purpose, then Fiona is the person to see. She is a true humanitarian and a blessing to have met her. If you've ever had a bogus reading or don't believe in the "other -side" Fiona will renew your view!

Its no wonder she is booked out months in advance. Fiona I can't express my gratitude for your amazing talents...

                                                                                                      Love and light to you always.

                                                                                                             Vivian Ghazaway

Meeting Fiona was my very first experience with a medium/psychic. My reading began with her establishing connection and her verifying certain things. My jaw dropped midway through and was later put into place with much difficulty - thats how awesome Fiona is! There were moments that tickled me silly and moments where my eyes welled with tears... overall an indescribable experience really. If you havent met Fiona yet, add it as one of the things to do on your bucket list that you simply must do in this lifetime. 5 golden stars and more to this woman who is in a league of her own and a huge THANK YOU for transforming my life in such magnitude!!!

Love Bianca x

Fiona many thanks for all your amazing work and guidance over the last 2 years. I have been blown away at every reading with your evidence and accuracy. It has been really comforting to receive such guidance and insight from my loved ones in spirit over a difficult time.

So far everything thing you have shared with me I have seen manifest in my life, whether I could see it at the time or not. With your help I'm excited about the future knowing I'm finally on the right path.

Many thanks. Lynsey x

I would just like to say Thank YOU so much for the beautiful reading. Your ability to bring to life what many others cannot is amazing. The messages from my loved ones in the spirit world left me feeling so much more peace. Your descriptions too where mind blowing. I relayed all the information onto other family members and we all had a huge smile and much more peace by the end of the day. I thank you for you pure energy, your kindness and Love you shared. Keep up the amazing work you do Fiona. You have brought so much comfort and peace to so many lost souls. I look forward to seeing you again soon. I’m sure half of my family members will be booking up with you soon also :) an experience I will never forget. God Bless you .

Love Ann

Hi Fiona

I got your number through a friend. I was greatful to you for telling about my grand parents. It was so real that they are always with us. I was at peace and found happy after hearing from you about me and my family.

I would like to participate in your workshop. I am willing to learnand please give me chance.

Regards John

I have always been naturally a sceptic and so went to see Fiona with some doubts in my mind. However, the things she was able to pick up on and the connection with my Nana so was so amazing it brought tears to my eyes and even gave Fiona chills as well. So much of my personality traits were picked up on and the details of my family were amazing. I wrote a lot of the reading down and I am literally ticking off everything she said as it happens. So many of my friends have also had very accurate readings that it is really unbelievable. Will be seeing you again soon Fiona!!

Nic Harris 

Beginning of this year, my friend called me and said "you have to meet fiona, she is just amazing, her readings and what she says is really happening.". i kept fionas no. for few months, before i booked in. i went few times before to other psychics, but what they said was never really true. then things got a bit shaken up and i thought i will give it a try! my first reading was couple of months ago and it was just so accurate. the first letter and then my grandmother name came up immediately and fiona was able to connect to her. she could tell the first letters of my closest people and what is happening around me just now and what happend before. all of it was true. it was overwhelming, first of all being able to conncet with my grandmother and then how accurate she was, even on details that nobody else can know. present and past and then her predicitons for future, i rememeber telling her that what she can see, i dont believe this will come true and she was laughing, telling me it will ! this day, what she could see, is really happening. i wrote everything down when having my reading, as some of it does not make sense til later. i was very confused about a situation when i first met fiona, but she gave me great support and faith, she also helped me to see things differently and clearly, until now. and that there really is right time for everyghing, especially for love :) i just went back for another reading. will be going for reiki soon......... thank you fiona !!!


I received Fionas number as well from one of my coworkers. I was really impressed already by the postiive energy she spread and her dog.....Her information was very clear and a lot of things from my past which meant a lot to me have come across all accurate. I look forward to see all things happening and i will definetly come back and see her. I have shared already her details with other people. Keep up the good work because it isn't easy to find someone who has such good capabilties to help or predict things in detail.


I was recommended to see Fiona through a friend who was very impressed by the accuracy of the details and facts that Fiona gave her . I myself felt the positive energy as soon as we started the reading .I was lucky to hear lots of positive and beautiful comments and predictions, It reallly put me in such a good mood and I was so happy. The way she described the people I asked her about was so true and real. It was definitely a highly spirital experience especially the fact that I was able to connect with my grandmother who was very dear and close to my heart.I think we all need to disconnect from the 3rd dimentional world that we are living in and travel to the other side for guidance and inspiration, life can get quite boring without a spiritual touch every now and then. I would definitely come back to see you again and I recommend other people to visit and benefit from Fiona's knowledge and wisdom especially her loving heart. Thank you Fiona for being there good luck in everything you are doing , may God bless every step you take.

LOVE and kisses

Donna Helou


I have been to see Fiona twice and have found both times to be an amazing experience. On my first visit she made accurate descriptions of my family and friends and also my current life situation. She also predicted some events and changes in life which were accurate and even told me the names of people who I later came to meet as she predicted. I find her readings really inspiring and give you a boost of positive energy into your life. On my second visit I felt just as overwhelmed by the profound accuracy of what she knew and I am eager to see what changes will happen in my life in the near future as she predicted.I have recommended many friends to also see Fiona and they have also been amazed by their experience and her accurate predictions.

For anyone considering seeing Fiona for a reading, I would highly recommend it as not only will you come away feel enlightened, positive and inspired, you will have a greater understanding as to why previous events have occurred and what changes you have to look forward to.


Fiona came into my life by chance through a recommendation. Having experienced many forms of intuitive individuals over the years, she has been the most accurate and informative of them all. Some people learn and study to tell you what they learn from books but she has the innate ability within her. She was able to spell names, give me dates and share moments from my past only I would have known of. Not only is she gifted, she also offers guidance and encouragement even relaying messages from my angels to me. I highly recommend anyone who are having doubts or have certain questions within themselves to seek her out. You will realise by the end of her session, you will feel enlightened and lighter like I felt a sense of ease and comfort. After my connection with her, I have sinced booked her for my mother and sister amongst countless other friends who travel to visit her! I have now found my life Intuitive consultant in Fiona and will continue to engage her and her trusted abilities. Thanks Fiona! You have certainly broadened my life experience!

Jase King

I had a reading with Fiona at a low point and she accurately predicted that i would be out of my worries soon and come out smiling and thats exactly what happened...she has an unique gift and it is amazing how she can connect with people and tell you about what to expect.....cant wait for my next reading...

Gaurav Malhotra


Thank you Fi for helping me awaken my own psychic and mediumship abilities and trust in my intuition. You pushed me and supported me when I doubted myself and gave me more confidence in my own work. You have been my earth angel, your readings always so acurate and comforting. I am grateful for all your guidance and support through the difficult times in my life. You work from your heart, which reflects in your work. You are a beautiful soul and I wish you much light, love, laughter and all the success you deserve :)

Lots of love, Mel

I met Fiona for a reading a few years back and Iv had many more readings since then. As someone in the Holistic healing business myself I can firmly vouch for her. She is compassionate with a need to help others, her readings are very accurate and consistent. Fiona helps many people to see the light and gives them comfort in her healings. I can firmly recommend her to anyone who is in needs of guidance for whatever it may be in their lives! Fiona works from the heart, with the highest intentions for all who come into contact with her.

Love and light

Katrina Valente

Holistic Aesthetician/Healer

I am so grateful to have found Fiona at a time in my life when I really needed little guidance and support. Her intuitive reading was completely spot on - it just blew my mind how accurate she was. Since then I have been seeing Fiona for Reiki healing sessions too. Fiona has a rare gift, and she's an extremely kind and giving with it. She's been a really positive element in my life and have recommended her to all my friends. Make an appointment to see Fiona. You'll be glad you did, take my word for it!


I have been to see Fiona two times now, both times were mind blowing, many of the predictions from my first reading have already unfolded, and im eagerly awaiting the rest :) I would reccomend her to anyone! Cant wait for the next time :)

Holly x

HI Fiona,

the reading was amazing!!!! The best reading ever in my life. I could not believe to get in touch with my lovely uncle who I miss so much.

This experience gave me confort and hope to face the challenges I have experienced lately in my life.

I have recommended to many friends to see Fiona as she has the ability to make one smile again!!!!!!!!!

With love Ale


Thanks fiona again for another great reading. I will trust what is for me. You were spot on once again with your evidence and descriptios of my family in spirit and my relationships in life. Im always blown away by you, you have a great gift and huge compassion to share it. Thank you.


Thanks Fiona for such a nice reading this morning. My first reading in decades with lots of connections I could really relate to. Since I have spoken with some of my family, there are more facts you gave me which I hadn't related to but you were spot on.

Thanks again.


Hi Fiona

Words are not express how thankful i am to you. I could not believe the information i got from you while doing the reading. To be hoest at the beginning i was a bit confused. All the things you have mentioned have started to fall into place and your treading was a 100% correct about my love life now am just waiting my job. God has given you a true gift and thanks for helping all around you. If anyone needs to know what has happened to me after the readig you are welcome to get my number from Fiona and can call me at any time. This lady is just too amazing.


Within minutes Fiona connected with my Grandmother, she came out with both my mum and uncles full names (I didn't even know who Arthur was until I called my mum and she told me it's my uncles first name, we always called him Martin), as you can imagine the tears started to roll. I went to Fiona becasue I had lost a pet and felt sad about death, I ended up with a reading packed with facts and lots of love and hugs to send to my mother and my grandmothers best friend. It's lovely to know there are spirits around us, I feel more relaxed and at ease knowing they are there.

Thank you Fiona, I had no expectataions and you gave me 100% x


Thank you Fiona for an amazing reading - Although I have always believed in the spiritual world – I have also been a little bit skeptic – but after the reading you gave me – you just blew me away and knew things that no one knows. I really appreciate you guiding me during my difficult time and I want to say that I think you are amazing.


Hi Fiona,

I just wanted to drop you a quick line of thanks for the wonderful reading. Your ability to bring to life what others cannot is truly amazing. It was very comforting to know that the people I love are still around me even though it is not in the physical sense. You have a remarkable gift and thanks for sharing. May you continue to touch the lives of all those fortunate enough to have a reading by you.

Love Sarah

It is RARE to find such a gifted intuitive ANGEL such as FIONA! My experience with her gave me the opportunity to connect with my ancestors and my guardian spirits. At a time where I am at a cross roads in my life, their guidance, wisdom, and loving energy has given me the courage and strength to follow my purpose, and find my path to unfold for my highest and fullest potential. I would absolutely not miss a chance to connect with our intuitive guides, and have never found a more fullfilling experience than the one I had with Fiona. THANKYOU FIONA for your beautiful work, which was pure and filled with light. Namaste.

Aria Natasha Kothari 

Fiona who did my reading is really cool, she looks like this fragile Barbie doll but she is a pretty powerful woman when it comes to connecting to people from the spirit world. Those of you who have never done a reading before I do recommend it. I think we all need to hear sometimes how wonderful our life is going to turn out, and if for nothing else, it is a way to get one out of the procrastination mood. The reading definitely gave me the inspiration I needed and the push to work harder. Thank You Fiona


Thank you Fiona for such a great reading you are truly amazing to have such a great talent not to mention your calming aura.




I just wanted to take a moment and thank-you for the fabulous reading you gave me. I'm amazed by your abiliy and accuracy. I've been to psychics in the past but I must say you're in a league of your own and a true talent. I look forward to my next reading


I was recommended to visit Fiona by a friend, and so I did. Sceptical, apprehensive and possibly guarded are the words I would use to describe how I felt BEFORE meeting Fiona. After an hour spent with her, listening, I can truthfully say that comforting, reassured and trusting is how I felt.

When my cat went missing, it was Fiona whom I called. Fiona gave me the exact directions to find my cat - and there she was in that very spot. How can anyone explain that?

I highly recommend this wonderful lady to anyone. x


Fiona is truely one of the most talented mediums. Her approach was very relaxed and calming and this just reinforced an overall positive experience. I was not expecting the level of detail and accuracy that the reading revelaed.

I very much enjoyed my reading it was a very positive experience and something that will stay with me for a very long time. The reassurance it has given me is beyond comprehension. I highly recommend Fiona to anyone who is seeking to contact a loved one and I for one will be seeing her again and recommending her services to friends.


Before meeting Fiona, I had always believed all this hosais pocias was rubbish as I had been to a few "fortune tellers" before. But what an enlightment meeting Fiona, she did exactly what I had wished & prayed for. She spoke to my Biological Father who had passed several years ago and had edanswer many questions I had longed an answer for. She is truly gifted by our Lord...

Casey Tatum

Hi Fiona, what a fantastic end to your UK visit.

Your workshop was fantastic and everyone who came was so happy and all their expectations were exceeded.

People felt a lovely energy in the room and the whole evening was just perfect.

Your thoughts, predictions and all that came through for myself and everyone were spot on and you are so gifted.

Thankyou for everything


Hi Fiona,

what a lovley evening we had when you were in the UK, i was very impressed by your professional approach to providing information to the group that we could all understand, and on a personal level, am very thankful for the book recommendations. Your mediumship was extremley accurate and delivered with a great sense of gentleness that worked extremly well! keep up the good work,

best wishes Carly xx

I just want to say what an amazing experience it was having a reading with you, I am hooked!

The details about my past relations were spot on and the experience just makes you become more positive in life. I will and have been recommending you to everyone I meet, you are one talented lady :-)

Hope you are well

Murrindie x

Hi fiona,

I would like to thank you for you special reading and all you have done for me be it a guide and support when I was feeling very low and really wondering wher life would take me you always were there to be help and I cannot thank you enough.

I am very close to everything falling into place for me and it is everything as you described it everything is getting busy and people are chasing me instead of me chasing them.I am nearly back on track but as you said it will be june before everything wel;l and truly comes together but its starting to happen.

You have a special talent and a great way with people thank you very much.

Ray o Reilly

Fi, you never cease to amaze me! In the years I have known you I have watched you blossom, and your gift is truly amazing. The information you gave me has changed my life! As you know, I was always a little sceptical but I could not believe what you told me, it will stay with me forever. I hope one day I will be able to help others in the way that you do.

Love Jo xxx

This is the morning after my first reading and Reiki and I keep laughing to myself; from joy - just like you said my emotions would be. I'm on a high from confirmation but still unsure about my capability with this. promised, I will read what you recommended and start to believe in the reality and not coincidence and just....know.It was lovely to meet you and now I know why that whenever I'm telling a story in my training I use the same females name; I always pick the name Fiona. You have started my wake-up process and I hope I can beleive enough in myself to open completely without fear. From your 'about me' page I can feel even further similarities and I hope one day you can do for me, what Michelle did for you.

Thank you to the person who recommended me to you and thank you, to you


Thank you Fiona for your help! you have such an increible gift! I still am in shock that you could know so much about me. It was a pleasure to meet you and keep up the good work. I'm sure you will help so many more people. I look forward to our next meeting.


Thank You so much for the amazing reading! The chat with my father was beyond belief! I have come away a whole lot lighter and so much more at peace!! Your acuracy in describing my family was 100% accurate. Thanks again for a genuine reading..

.Love N

Thanks for the maasive wake up call No one could have known what the things that that you said to me . one of the most genuine readings I have ever had. I would not hesitate in sending anyone to you , you told me things tat I have never spoken to anyone about. I feel enlightened and positive now I have been to see you! Anyone reading this this should do themselves a favour and book an appointment!!

sallyann simmons

Fiona, i have always been sceptical in the past when having readings until i met you... firstly the fact you got in touch with my father who i never thought i would have the chance to speak to again has helped me in so many ways knowing he is safe and without pain. it is always a bit nerve racking when i (and can speak of others ) having readings but you made the experience so comfortable and trusting. My reading was 3 months ago and so far you have got everything right! When i came to you i was confused and you gave me reassurance, hope and i have a better peace of mind. I dont think that anyone has been able to give me that before. I am so grateful i have met you...... and knowing you can help so many of us confused souls out there will make a difference. with love Sally xx

Lady Sapphire :)

Lovely to have met you the other day! I am now convinced that there are no coincidences in life. .. You are meant to meet the people who in some way in turn help you on your journey. It was a relief as well.. as we both discussed! ;)

Hoping to stay in touch .. Blessingsx


Hi Fiona, love your website, thanks for the fantastic readings you did for me, my sister and friends, long may it last. keep up the good work,



Hi Fiona

what a great reading, thank you so much.

you gave me a message from my grandfather my dad and my brother and yes my brother did crash into a car while on his bike at around age 18.

It was lovely to hear from all three,and the message for october.

margaret horgan

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