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The rickety run down taxi pulled up outside the Newari guesthouse in Patan, Durbar square, Nepal and I was instantly greeted with ''Namaste'' It was at the moment I felt I had come’ ‘Home''. I unloaded my bag and I wondered the streets, alone and in search of a restaurant where I could grab some food. It was dark, the load shedding meant the streets were totally without power, yet I felt safe, I felt happy and I felt at home. 

​Years later and I have lost count of how many times I have touched down on Nepalese soil. I'm now on my fourth house rental and ''Finally'' I can proudly say the opening of my first business, my guesthouse. 


Over the years my heart has been touched deeply by the children I have met, the poverty I have witnessed and the stories I've heard. Yet, the determination, courage and strength off the Nepalese people has inspired and motivated me even more to make a difference. 

​I've always had a vision, my vision was simple, to help, to help the children and to help Nepal. Over the years I have worked alongside numerous organizations. From supporting (Anti child trafficking) Circus Kathmandu and Freedom Matters, supporting children in schools and years of collecting clothing for those in need. My journey has been one of Love, of sadness, happiness and of inner transformation. I've been privileged to of made amazing friends, learned a little of the language and even endured a 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

I was born in England yet my home feels like it’s back in Nepal. I am filled with inner peace as soon as I arrive in Nepal.

My love for helping the children in Nepal over the past few years has now led me to where I am today!


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